Three's Company

I went on a walk today with my Bubby and his very beautimus lady friend. The only thing was.. they kept stopping to make the kissy faces at each other... ughs. What is someone saw all the kisses! Well hopefully they would be looking at my new cute outfit from Sweet Heart Designs at the All The Little Things Event and not at all the love happening around me. 

Sweet Heart Designs - Sweet<3. Floral Dress {Orange} - Comes with the super adorable canvas shoes - All The Little Things Event
 [Lazy Unicorn] Rose Earrings - Ninety Nine Event
(Yummy) Open Heart Pendant - Silver - White
{T.T} Heart ring
*barberyumyum*65 (black)

Pose: {xoxo} Three's Company  - RFL Family Fun Fair Event - 100% of proceeds donated to RFL! 
Location: Orchard Heights 



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