Peachy Keen

I love the color Peach.. it instantly cheers you up as soon as you look at it. I am so grateful for my life both RL and SL.. but sometimes a feeling of down can wash over. So today when that happened I put on my brand new peach colored outfit and put a flower bunny in my hair and took a walk to enjoy the setting sun. Looking out into the beautiful scenery and watching the last rays of sun dance across my outfit I just started to feel so much better. I know for sure I am and always will be.. peachy keen. 

Turducken ToddleeDoo - GracieLove Outfit - Peach
[Lazy Unicorn] Rose Earring - Kiwi - Ninety-Nine Event
Muriel. Rigged Sandals From the Sally Outfit
RazzBerry Inc. Bunny Blossom (Peach) - The Seasons Story
+Half-Deer+ Forest's Tale - Petals and Pearls Bracelet - White



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