Glitter My World

If there is one thing in this world I am absolutely obsessed with.. its glitter. Even the mythical ( they totally exist just saying!)  fairy's make their precious dust from this amazing substance. I love to color up my world with glitter.. as much as I can get. 

{ud} Darling Dress [fairydust] - This is an exclusive to the Nintey-Nine event and will not be sold after in this color. The Nintey-Nine event starts on April 9th so be sure to save up all of your allowance this is not an event to be missed! ( if you take the TP before the event you will not land in the event so you will have to be patient and wait till they are open!)

{ud} Pearl Ballerina
{ud} Expression Eye [blue sky] - Hello Beautiful
{Blush.} Wish Necklace {Rose Gold} - Hello Beautiful
[Lazy Unicorn] Kitty Headband - Pearl (Gold) - The Playroom
{ Clair de Lune } Nose Blush & Freckles - Hello Beautiful
{T.T}Rosalyn retro TD NAILS - Hello Beautiful
{T.T} Elli Bracelet
+elua+ Noela- The Project Se7en

{ Clair de Lune } Haku Shape - This is actually a shape meant for boys! However, I think it looks pretty darn cute on girls as well.  This is a brand new release so boys and even girls! Hurry down and pick up your new so cute shape. 

Pose: .snaphappy. Maddy (1)
Location: Orchard Heights 



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