The Day My Big Sister Tried To Drown Me

So I was so excited to put on my new bathing suit and go lay by the pool.. but most defiantly not get in because I'm lergic to alla water! Well my big sisster came down to swim and some how convinced me to let her hold me while she was in the water.. there may or may not have been a bribe of cookies and ice cream involved... But as she started to go deeper into the pool I could feel the water start to touch my toes.. no mater how much I squiggled and squealed she wouldn't put me back on safe dry ground. She claimed she was going to teach me how to swim.. pfff! I could of had a lergic reaction to alla clean water! When I told Mommy and Daddy that Sisserheart tried to drown me, she said she was just drowning me in love!!! Pffff .. Still haven't gotten my cookies or ice cream yet.

 At least I almost drowned in style! 

{ petit Macaron } & Koalifications Fifi The Flamingo Suit
[Lazy Unicorn] Paparazzi Shades - Grape - Hello Beautiful
{ud} Expression Eyes [blues] - Hello Beautiful 
{ Clair de Lune } Nose Blush & Freckles - Hello Beautiful 
*barberyumyum*65 (black)

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