We All Fall Down

Here I was minding my own business rowing my new umbrella ducky boat when a cloud rolled overhead and rain started to fall! Well I am always one to make lemonade when life gives me nothing but lemons so I started singing out loud in the rain, quite enjoying myself. That's when my ducky boat ran into heaps of water lilys that cause my new boat to capsize. I even lost my poor hat in the process.. Oh the horror!!!! It was like receiving an unwanted bath.. ugh.  

Whole set from photo available at the Everything Kids Gacha Event! The whole set is made by Rou at Tiny Trinkets

{T.T}In the rain Umbrella boat RARE ( comes with the oars)
{T.T}In the rain hat
{T.T}In the rain Ducky buddy
{T.T}In the rain Shirt
{T.T}In the rain TD Shinny sky leggins
{T.T}In the rain TD Boot
{T.T}In the rain earring
{T.T}In the rain Necklace
{T.T}In the rain TD Nails

Hair: *barberyumyum*66

You can also win your very own personal rain with clouds!! So cute. Be sure to visit the Everything Kids Gacha event running till April 17th to play for this adorable gacha set. There are 9 commons and 1 rare to win.

Pose: I made this custom pose! - Not for sale at this time. 



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