Up In The Sky So High

This afternoon I was wandering around when I came upon a kite resting on the grass. I thought to myself that perhaps I could get this kite into the sky. Well I tried and tried and I just could not get it up high enough and it kept falling....

I was told though that even when you fall off the horse, you should always get up.. dust yourself off.. and jump back on that horse again. So I did just that.. I picked up that kite and I waited till the biggest of breezes swept by me and what do you know? I got that kite up into the sky so high. 

Finally... Success

The Look:

<:*BoOgErS*:> Rainbow Kite - Coming soon to Summerfest '16
{Blush.} Lark Outfit - Cream - Complete - Color Me Cute
{Blush.} Wish Necklace {Rose Gold}

When you fall.. always pick your self back up. It makes success all that much sweeter. <3




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