There's No Place Like Home

Available @ FaMeshed 
St: James Manor
Footage: 22x16
Land Impact: 168
Climbing plants unlinked (optional) 42 l.i.
A little info about this beautiful Georgian Styled home: The home includes a large entry way with a with a stair case that includes an under case bookshelf. Perfect for all of your favourite trinkets. The home includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, family room all on the first floor. As you take the staircase up your will find 3 spacious bedrooms, a bathroom and a small room that can be used as either a laundry room or a wardrobe. Each window in the home can be open or shut to let in all the fresh air breeze. This to me makes the most perfect of family homes. Its spacious without being gigantic and has so much charm everywhere you look. 

Available @ Salem Macabre Event 
UnKindness - Wall Creepers -  TrickorTreat RARE, Haunted House, Witchy, Ghost, Hanged man
UnKindness: Victorian Fence
Hive:  Pumpkin cart,  Pumpkins, Wooden Pumpkin Set, Leaning Rake
BALACLAVA!! Ghost Servant

Available @ Crossroads
[Merak] - Autumn Decor - Dahlias Jug (Orange)
[Merak] - Autumn Decor - Cinnamon Candle (Pattern)

Other Items Used: 
{anc} sleepwarking. ribbons. cream RARE
{anc} sleepwarking. rose wreath. vintage cream



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